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oh yeah forgot to say that i was watching my roomie play journey and then she thrust the controller into my hands and i had no choice, i was forced to play (if you know me well you know that i Do Not Play Videogames because i am bad at them)

and i was blown away… this game. is so beautiful. and so lovely. and emotional? it evoked so many feelings in me. at one point i met another player in the scary, dark level, and they helped me find all those glowy things that make your scarf longer, and, without words, led me through on the right path. then i turned around, and they were gone.

i honestly was close to tears. WHY? i don’t know. i felt scared and alone, and upset that they were gone. dude, you don’t even know the name of the other player, there’s no dialogue, there’s no ‘attachment’, and yet, you feel the sense of loss like you lost someone important. there’s this unspoken bond between the random players you meet, and through communicating with simple chirps and sounds, it makes you feel like you’ve made a friend…

too many feelings about this game. too many. so good. so good.

this is why i love this game

so much emotion from something so small ;.;

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    I watched a lets play of it and even though I wasn’t actively partaking in the game I still felt a connection to the...
  2. quillery said: yesss, my roommates and I played through it a few months ago (well, one played and the rest of us watched) and there’s such an emotional rollercoaster as other players come and go! And huddling together on that mountain… what an amazing game ;o;
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  4. travale said: oh my gosh yeah! this game is fantastic. I pretty much bought a ps3 just to be able to play it hahah
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    this is why i love this game so much emotion from something so small ;.;
  6. kungfu-candy said: there was an article about a guy who played this game and it helped him cope with his father’s death. this game is beyond amazing…
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    I love you Shaburdies and I friggin love Journey as well.
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